The 11 Spectacular Things to Do in Grampians National Park

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Looking for the best things to do in Grampians National Park?

If you ever have the chance to visit Victoria’s most spectacular location—the Grampians National Park—you won’t be disappointed. Even if you’re looking for a peaceful getaway, this hilly section of Victoria has you covered.

Visitors from Melbourne and beyond flock to this tourist hot spot because of its near proximity to the city. Not to mention, the region’s high-quality restaurant and lodging options.

There are so many paths and hiking routes in this enormous region that it would take a whole book to cover them all. Therefore this guide is simply my top pick for the best places to see in the Grampians!

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Things to do in Grampians National Park

Spend your time in Grampians attractions wisely and benefit from these tourist activities I curated for you.

1. Witness the Beautiful Mackenzie Falls

Mackenzie Falls as one of the things to do in the Grampians National Park
Mackenzie Falls

The renowned and beautiful MacKenzie Falls is a must-add to your Grampians itinerary. In detail, this fall is one of Victoria’s biggest waterfalls. Get your camera ready because the scenery is breathtaking.

To illustrate, water cascades over towering rocks into a deep pool. You will also witness the falls releasing beautiful sprays of rainbow mist far into the air above a picturesque canyon all year.

On top of that, if you want to observe the falls from the base, you have to trek a moderate (steep) one-kilometre trail starting from MacKenzie Falls car park.

The MacKenzie Falls car park is located on Mount Victory Road, 25-30 minutes from Halls Gap.

2. Rock climbing at the Gariwerd Rock

Novices and experts alike are welcome to try the rock climbing adventure in the Grampians. This outdoor adventure provides suitable rock climbing options for all ages.

You will have that adrenaline rush and best of all, you can witness the natural beauty of the heritage park from up high! 

What is more, after assessing your ability and experience, an experienced climbing guide will choose an appropriate place for your capabilities. Likewise, they will recommend the location befitting for the experience you seek.

Not to mention, you are free to move at your own pace. So no pressure, just pure outback adventure! On that note, for your next or first rock climbing activity, you might want to add the Gariwerd Rock climbing to your itinerary of things to do in the Grampians.

3. Grampians Day Tour

RATING: 4.8 out of 5 stars

TOUR LENGTH: 8-12 hours

Begin your day with an invigorating 4.2km round-trip hike through intriguing rock formations, such as the Grand Canyon and Silent Street.

This route leads to the Pinnacle, a renowned landmark in the park boasting a striking, rugged cliff face. Take ample time to appreciate the breathtaking vistas and snap some incredible photos.

After the hike, replenish your energy with a nutritious lunch before embarking on a challenging 2km ascent to Mackenzie Falls.

Though steep, the trek offers a spectacular reward: one of Victoria’s most impressive and largest waterfalls.

Your journey continues with a visit to the charming Boroka Lookout and concludes with a stop at a local hangout spot favoured by kangaroos, revealed by your guide upon returning to the lovely tourist village of Halls Gap.

4. Half-day Abseiling Adventure

One of the fantastic things to do in the Grampians is Abseiling. Besides being accessible and customizable to everybody,  professional guides ensure your safety.

You can count on the stationed guides and the equipment. For that reason, you can focus on leaning back over the edge and letting gravity take its course.

In detail, there are a variety of abseils available based on age, expertise, and intended challenge. Indeed, it is incredible how there is something for everyone, with lengths ranging from 8 to 30 metres.

5. Trek at the Fish Falls

Fish Falls as one of the best things to do in the Grampians National Park
Fish Falls

If you are finding more things to do in the Grampians, there is a lot to unpack with what Fish Falls has in store! To illustrate, Fish Falls flows 60 metres over sloped rocks into a pool below year-round.

From the bottom part of MacKenzie Falls, you can follow the track and enjoy the modest 4.6-kilometre trek on the way to see Fish Falls. You can also stop by and picnic at the famous Zumsteins Picnic Area.

6. Sightseeing at the Boroka lookout

Boroka Lookout - one of the things to do in the Grampians National Park
Boroka Lookout

Boroka Lookout takes pride in the sweeping views that it welcomes tourists with. Mainly, the overlook is about 15 kilometres from Halls Gap, making it ideal for quick stopovers or short-duration visits.

In fact,  It is simply a 5-minute walk to two observation platforms, making it accessible to persons with restricted mobility.

More importantly, it is excellent how toilets for people with disabilities are available near the parking lot.

In detail, the restrooms are accessible through an unsealed trail with a short, steep elevation.

Notably, the Lookout offers spectacular sights, including the not to be missed sunrise and the picturesque views towards Halls Gap and Lake Bellfield.

Not to mention, you will also witness both the Wonderland and Mt William mountain ranges in view. 

7. Stroll Around The Balconies

The Balconies Lookout as one of the things to do in the Grampians National Park
The Balconies Lookout

This leisurely stroll to the Balconies is a quality time activity. Not only will you enjoy viewing platforms placed on the brink of a towering cliff. And what is remarkable is that they are all accessible to hikers of all abilities. 

From that same parking lot as Reed Lookout, you can travel the two kilometres to the Balconies for panoramic views of Victoria Valley and the bordering peaks.

This location is distinguished by the remarkable rock formations that protrude from the mountain. For that reason, The Balconies are ideal for dreamy mornings and sunset vistas. What a great inclusion for what to do in the Grampians!

8. Have a Short Hike at Splitters Falls

You indeed will not run out of things to do in the Grampians. Another one to consider on your itinerary is to visit Splitter Falls. Ideally, the best time to see the falls is in the spring.

Splitter Falls is a seasonal waterfall that may dry up throughout the summer. And, if you’re like me who loves flowers, you will get to see beautiful wildflowers in bloom surrounding the falls. 

You may also drive up to the Wonderland car lot and track downstream to view Splitters Fall. Best of all, it is a short hike from Halls Gap.

Simply take the same route along Stony Creek from town to Venus Baths. And there, a collection of limestone pools famous for toe-dipping on hot days await you.

9. Enjoy Halls Gap Zoo with your kids

Indeed, one of the best things to do in Halls Gap is to visit the Halls Gap Zoo. Let the kids or yourself immerse in the amazing and beautiful animals.

Specifically, this zoo houses over 160 species of native and exotic animals, reptiles, and birds. Apart from that, you will not go wrong including this on your planned trip to the Grampians National Heritage Park. 

In fact, you can have fun observing the curious meerkats, massive giraffes, and giant rhinoceros. The fun does not stop there! You will also see fast cheetahs, royal red pandas, lively lemurs and vibrant macaws also a variety of wallabies and kangaroo species await your visit. 

10. Hike the Grampians Peaks Trail

For challenge and adventure seekers, hike to new heights at the Grampians Peaks Trail. Expect the trek to be a demanding 160km hike on this one.

This means that it would take about a 13-day hike through the rocky heart of the Grampians National Park.  Your journey starts at Mt Zero in the north and proceeds south, the path crosses over the peak of Mt Difficult. 

Your quest then continues via Halls Gap. Subsequently, hiking highlights are to look forward to, such as the Redman Bluff, Major Mitchell Plateau, and Mt Abrupt. Eventually, you will arrive in Dunkeld in the south.  Enjoy your immersion in nature and adventure and stay at one of the trail’s unique hike-in campgrounds. 

Besides the rewarding feat of climbing majestic mountain summits, witnessing the panoramic vistas of the Grampians Peak Trails is a one-of-a-kind moment. Not only that, but you can enjoy the stroll over steep rocky ridgelines too.

Lastly, discover a diverse range of flora and fauna and the old Aboriginal culture of Gariwerd. Indeed, engaging on this 2-week journey is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure offering you the complete Grampians experience!

11. Enjoy an Eerie Ghost Tour

Experience an eerie night at the renowned J Ward Lunatic Asylum, a former institution for the criminally insane in Australia. Begin the tour by visiting the museum with its collection of historical artifacts, including straight jackets, electro-shock therapy devices, and patient records, before embarking on a 2-hour guided ghost tour of the facility.

Explore the West Wing, the governor’s bathroom, the hangman’s gallows, the original kitchen, the shower block, and the exercise yards, and search for lingering spirits while hearing spine-chilling tales of murdered inmates and buried prisoners.

Don’t miss the chance to encounter the ghosts of infamous criminals like Chopper Read, Gary Webb, and William Wallace. Tours are available every Friday and Saturday evening at 9:30 PM.

Where to Stay in the Grampians?

Looking for accommodation at Grampians National Park? Here are a few of my top picks ranging from budget to luxury finds.

Budget- Mountain View Motor Inn & Holiday Lodges

This property, which has 6 hectares of native gardens and a 5-minute drive from Halls Gap, has a pool. A terrace with views of the Grampian Mountains is also available with every kind of lodging.

Peaceful and relaxing location. Great staff and great getaway!

-chelsea (see more reviews)

Kangaroos, emus, and kookaburras are among the animals that call Mountain View Motor Hotel & Holiday Lodges home. The Gap Vineyard and Halls Gap Zoo are both within a 2-minute drive of the property. The distance to Grampians National Park is 20 minutes by car.

Every lodging comes equipped with heating, air conditioning, electric blankets, and tea and coffee-making capabilities.

Mid-range- Grampians View Cottages and Units

There is a TV, a DVD player, and a kitchen or kitchenette in every air-conditioned room. Some have balconies with views of gardens. A Coonara fireplace is present in the cottage.

The Halls Gap town centre is 3 minutes away by car from the Grampians View lodging. The Gap Vineyard and Grampians Adventure Golf are both just five minutes drive apart.

The heated indoor pool and tennis court at Grampians View Cottages & Units, which is situated on 5 acres, are some of the amenities. Free Wi-Fi and free bike rentals are available to visitors.

The Grampian View cottages are located just outside the town in a quiet location with wonderful wildlife and birds

-joanne (see more reviews)

Take a bike ride around the nearby gardens or play some basketball on the outdoor court. There is a sizable covered BBQ area where you may cook food.

Luxury- Bushland

Halls Gap’s Bushland features a garden, a terrace, and BBQ grills. J Ward Museum is 49 kilometres from the air-conditioned lodging, which also offers free WiFi and on-site private parking to its visitors.

The apartment contains a DVD player, a living room with seating and a dining area, a kitchen with a fridge, an oven, and a dishwasher, one bedroom, and one bathroom with a shower and a bathtub. The flat includes linens and towels.

One of the best places we’ve ever stayed in. The views are magical we didn’t want to leave.


Every morning, a continental breakfast is served in the unit. Fishing is available nearby. Bushland is also 25 kilometres from Stawell Airport, the closest airport.

About Grampians National Park 

Grampians National Park is a place rich in adventure, prestige and culture. It is also easily accessible from Melbourne and Adelaide. In fact, this National Heritage site is near other famous tourist spots.

For instance, the park is an important stop on the globally known Great Southern Touring Route. You can reach this destination easily from the settlements of Halls Gap, Wartook, Dunkeld, Hamilton and Horsham.

To ensure that you get to make the most out of your tour, it is essential to note the weather conditions. In particular, January-May and November-October are considered ideal for exploring all the sights and things to do in the Grampians.

However, you can still have the most incredible vacation trip yet, even if you visit the Grampians National Park during other months. 

In addition, it will be best to prepare the essentials you will need. Mainly because trying all the activities during August and September mornings and evenings will be challenging. Likewise, if you plan to go during December, note that warm jackets and good boots are recommended.

Nonetheless, the National Park does not run out of activities bound to satisfy you all year round! And regarding fees, some activities require permits and separate fees.

Where To Eat in The Grampians?

As a gourmet hotspot, the Grampians area is starting to get some attention. It’s no wonder that certain restaurants’ cuisine is superb. Given the wide range of local vegetables and the large number of farms in the area.

Despite being a little off the usual path, these more appealing products are definitely worth the extra drive. If you’re in the mood for family-friendly dining, you’ll be happy to know that Halls Gap has many options for you here.

If you go to the correct spots, you’ll be able to experience some excellent cuisine for a few days here! Think of award-winning eateries and farm-to-table experiences. You’ll indeed have a lot of ideas about where to eat in these recommendations I’m about to tell you.

🍽️ Harvest Halls Gap Café and Provedore

Harvest Halls Gap Café and Provedore is one of Grampians National Park’s most stylish cafés. Even though it’s located in the middle of the woods, Harvest offers a wonderful view.

In an effort to showcase the unique and fantastic cuisine and wine produced in the Grampians, the Cafe purchases many of its ingredients locally. In addition to the traditional coffee, tea, and pastries, you can have a full breakfast, brunch, or lunch here!

Furthermore, booking in advance is highly recommended since this location tends to be quite busy, especially during the weekends.

🍽️ Spirit Of Punjab Indian Restaurant

If you ask me, Indian food is a work of art that deserves to be sampled. If you’re looking for some of the world’s most delicious, mouthwatering dishes, Indian food is unquestionably the best. This is why you shouldn’t miss the traditional Indian food at Halls Gap’s Spirit of Punjab.

Cooked with fresh ingredients and natural spices, the cuisine at Spirit of Punjab is of the finest. An Indian-inspired setting with spectacular Grampians vistas can be found at Spirit of Punjab. Beer garden patrons may look out on kangaroos and birds bathing in the restaurant’s backyard lake.

🍽️ Paper Scissors Rock Brew Co

With a restaurant and frequent live music and events in Halls Gap, Grampian-based independent craft brewery Paper Scissors Rock Brew Co is an exciting addition to the area.

All of their regular beers are available year-round, with the exception of special promotions or guest taps. In fact, other taps change periodically to keep things interesting, giving you a reason to come back at any time of year.

To top it all off, they brew their own beer on-site. They offer a broad variety of types that craft beer fans have grown to anticipate and appreciate. To go along with their extensive cocktail menu, they feature a full-service restaurant staffed by some of the city’s best chefs.

Furthermore, they have a stellar service team that brings it all together that goes beyond the expectations of their customers.

Visiting Grampians FAQs

Are the Grampians worth visiting?

Yes, the Grampians are definitely worth visiting! The Grampians National Park is a stunning natural area located in Victoria, Australia.

The park features a diverse range of landscapes, including rugged mountains, sweeping valleys, cascading waterfalls, and ancient rock formations.

The scenery is truly breathtaking, and there are many opportunities for hiking, rock climbing, wildlife watching, and scenic drives.

How many days do you need in the Grampians?

The number of days you need to spend in the Grampians National Park really depends on your interests and what you want to do while you’re there.

Here are some recommendations for how many days to spend in the park based on different activities:

-If you’re interested in rock climbing, hiking and exploring the park’s many trails, you’ll want to spend at least 3-4 days in the Grampians.

This will give you enough time to explore some of the park’s most popular hikes, such as the Pinnacle Walk, MacKenzie Falls, and the Grampians Peaks Trail.

-If you’re interested in wildlife watching or birding, you may only need 1-2 days to explore the park and spot some of the local animals.

-If you’re interested in taking a leisurely drive through the park and stopping at various lookout points and attractions, you may only need 1-2 days to see the main sights.

Overall, I would recommend spending at least 2-3 days in the Grampians National Park to fully appreciate the beauty of the park and to experience some of its most popular attractions.

However, if you have more time, there are plenty of other things to see and do in the area, so you could easily spend a week or more exploring the region.

The Wrap-Up: Best Things to Do in the Grampians

In conclusion, there are many places to see in Grampians that offers a wide range of activities and attractions for visitors to enjoy.

From exploring the Grampians National Park and its waterfalls to visiting wineries and cultural sites, there is something for everyone.

Scenic drives, rock climbing, and ghost tour are also popular activities in the area. Additionally, visitors can see wildlife, visit the Halls Gap Zoo, and go fishing.

Whether you’re a nature lover, an adventure seeker, or a food and wine enthusiast, there’s plenty to do in the Grampians. So, start planning your trip to this beautiful region of Australia and enjoy all that it has to offer.

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